Risk Management

It doesn’t need to be complicated!

Decision Point has helped numerous organizations both implement and optimize risk management processes. Avoiding jargon and bureaucracy, our approach is designed to ensure that risk management is not a one-time project, rather a process that executive and boards embrace as a valuable part of their stewardship over their organizations.

What is Risk Management? Risk management informs, manages, and helps executives and boards make better decisions. Risk management is not about avoiding risks – it is about knowing which risks to take and how far you, or your team, should take them.

The concept of risk management has been around for a long time, yet its adoption has been slow and not without challenges. Typically only found in large multi-billion dollar organizations, medium and smaller companies shy away from ERM because it is seen as being cumbersome and adding bureaucracy. It doesn’t need to be that way. Decision Point has extensive experience working with our client’s existing processes to ensure:

  • Your risk identification process goes to the right level of detail
  • Your organization is expending the optimal level of resources to address the risks that can be mitigated
  • You see the opportunities in your risks that will bring results to your bottom line.Other key outcomes for ERM are:
  • Comfort to executive and boards that something did not fall below the radar
  • An understanding by operational management teams, obtained through participating in the process, the boundaries they must work within
  • A means to produce a scorecard to determine if your strategy /plans have been effective

“Decision Point always gives us practical advice that helps us focus on what is really important for a company of our size and complexity. The Decision Point Team not only understands our industry, they understand our company and our needs, and are always attentive and responsive.”

- Malcolm Davidson, CFO, Avino Silver and Gold Mines Ltd. February 13, 2017